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Genetic Labeling

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Genetic Labeling

Genetic Labeling

MetaFlora system will ensure the authenticity and integrity of precise plant genetic fingerprinting and data storage with our Genetic Verification (GV) protocol. The GV protocol:

Verifies: Cross-reference all newly identified genetic material, ensuring compatibility between seed stocks and mother plants.

Medical Advancement: Labs can test products and make labels for genetic verification. Utilizing verified products may result in improved medical compounds or more potent pharmaceuticals.

Tracks: Every discovery, every strain, and every data point is meticulously stored on GalaChain and continuously monitored by a decentralized network of MetaFlora nodes.

Node Network


Connoisseur Node

Exclusively designed for cannabis connoisseurs & Web3 enthusiasts. This tier receives unparalleled rewards for processing & transferring data in several ways within the MetaFlora ecosystem and processing ecosystem transactions.


Commercial Node

Made for commercial farms and large-scale cultivation operations. This tier provides advanced features and capabilities tailored to commercial growers' needs.

Home Grow

Home Grow Node

This tier is for individual home growers and small-scale cultivation enthusiasts. A user-friendly and accessible solution for home growers to connect their growing environments to the platform and elevate their results.




Node operators are the backbone of MetaFlora DePIN. Share knowledge, develop cultivations, discover new Legacy strains, and process people's demand for label scanning and data assets management.

  • $OG Token Daily Distribution
  • Referral bonus of 10% on Node purchases
  • 5% NFT Booster for early buyers
  • 500% NFT Booster for Gala Founder Node owners




Creation of the first Artifacts (Genetic Data).

First Genesis Connoisseur Box release.

Launch Connoisseur Node Network & enable participation in genetic data library.



DNA Repository platform on Galachain.

Industry Node operation & expansion.

Refine and enhance the platform functionality.



Cross-Platform interface.

Opening the MetaFlora headquarters.

More innovation, partnerships & ecosystem expansion.

Meet the Core Team

Alexander Santi

Alexander Santi

Brand Designer &
Marketing Manager

Jesse Robinson

Jesse Robinson

Blockchain Developer

Gregory Tsigounis

Gregory Tsigounis

Founder &
Cannabis Entrepreneur

Mike Pelda

Mike Pelda

Marketing Director

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